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[ | 26 Jun 2010 | 8 Comments]
Beijing Food Guide:The Kro’s Nest

The Kro’s Nest is the name of a Western-style food restaurant. But it’s also a very special place you should visit, Of course, with many of your friends.:P

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[ | 15 Nov 2009 | 19 Comments]
Saizeriya, An Example Of “World Is Flat”

I had the dinner at Saizeriya(萨莉亚) last weekend. It’s a restaurant which offers delicious Italian food with cheap price. I was satisfied with the Pizza and Chicken Piccata, And I found something interesting too.

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[ | 14 Sep 2009 | 8 Comments]
Lazy At Balmoral Beach

My friend Mac introduced Watermark restaurant to me when I visited Sydney. It’s a restaurant locates at Balmoral Beach, offers wonderful scenery and authentic yummies. That’s also a good place you can enjoy the lazy life of Australia.

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[ | 12 Sep 2009 | 14 Comments]
Let’s DIY Guilinggao!

I knew Guilinggao(龟苓膏) when I was in Guangzhou. Now it’s one of my favorite desserts. But it’s hard to find some good Guilinggao at Beijing, So I have to DIY it!

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[ | 7 Sep 2009 | 12 Comments]
Sydney, The Best Place On Earth To Eat?

Sydney is a very ideal city for all kinds of gastronomists with so aboundant fresh food. It was nominated as The Best Place On Earth To Eat many times by many kinds of medias and gastronomists. Yeah, I think so.

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[ | 27 Aug 2009 | 15 Comments]
Happy Birthday At Shota Muni Sushi & Grill

My best friend Candy celebrated my brithday at Shota Muni Sushi & Grill. We choosed Shota Muni Sushi & Grill (将太无二) because it’s a restaurant which offer new style Japanese Food with interesting name, And the food was fresh enough. Yeah, I think it’s a good place to try Japanese food in Beijing. Thank you so much Candy!

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[ | 17 Aug 2009 | 15 Comments]
Hello, NanXiang XiaoLongBao

They always say the best soup bun(汤包) is NanXiang XiaoLongbao(南翔小笼包). I have enjoyed many kinds of NanXiang Xiaolongbao in different places, But this time, I finally got a chance to visit the most famous soup bun store, Nanxiang Bun Shop (Nanxiang Mantou Dian) in Shanghai.

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[ | 24 May 2009 | 37 Comments]
DongShunYuan’s ShanDong Seafood Cuisine

DongShunYuan(东顺园)is one of the best ShanDong cuisine brands, YanTai(烟台) is one of the best cities to enjoy seafood in China. The first day we arrived YanTai, We were invited by Candy’s friends to enjoy ShanDong seafood Cuisine at DongShunYuan. Thank you so much!

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[ | 17 Apr 2009 | 38 Comments]
Taiwanese Food Is Also A Kind Of Fashion

Shin Yeh (欣叶) is a famous Taiwanese food brand. Different from other traditional food brand, Shin Yeh is welcomed by young people because of its modern elements. Fortunately, There is a restaurant named Shin Yeh Xiao Chu (欣叶小厨) near our BeiJing office. I guess it’s the cheaper one. So, let’s go!

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[ | 6 Mar 2009 | 44 Comments]
Those Shaanxi Sandwich I Like

Shaanxi Sandwich(腊汁肉夹馍) is a kind of very popular Xi’an snack. I love this traditional food very much. When I want a simple lunch, I’d rather look for Shaanxi Sandwich than try the hamburger of Mcdonald’s or KFC.

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[ | 1 Mar 2009 | 32 Comments]
Beijing Private Dishes Guide(1): Xiao Diao Li Tang

I always think private dishes is a kind of luxury. But Xiao Diao Li Tang (小吊梨汤) is a place I can enjoy. We can know it offer a kind of soup made by pear from its name.
Though it still have no English name. But it’s a place you can feel like home.

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[ | 16 Feb 2009 | 41 Comments]
Do You Love Mini Hot Pot?

Hot pot (火锅) was not invented by Chinese people, But it’s very popular in China, specially in SiChuan. You can find many big hot pot reastaurants in Chengdu, which offer hundends people enjoy red hot pot together, That’s really HOT scene.
But my favorite is a kind of mini hot pot, offered by some small and quiet restaurants. Or you can make it at home.