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[ | 29 May 2010 | 10 Comments]
Travel Beijing With Me:Beijing Doodle Wall

Beijing doodle wall locates at the south road of Renmin University of China, It’s the biggest doodle wall in China. Before I had to move to a cheaper place because of the horrible rent, It was the place I often took a walk.

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[ | 9 Apr 2010 | 11 Comments]
An Old Teahouse Named ShunXing

ShunXing old teahouse(顺兴老茶馆) was one of my favorite places when I still lived in ChengDu many years ago. It’s a idea place for tourists because you can not only enjoy authentic covered bowl tea(盖碗茶), many kinds of Sichuan snacks, But also can enjoy the famous SiChuan opera Face-Changing(川剧变脸) performance.

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[ | 5 Apr 2010 | 12 Comments]
Traditional Chinese Painting Series About Sichuan Folk Customs

Yeah, I finally back to the internet world. Miss you so much my dear friends!
Many things happened in these four months, But I really want share you some traditional chinese paintings about Sichuan folk customs(四川民俗) first, which I found at an old tea-house of Chengdu.

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[ | 27 Nov 2009 | 2 Comments]
XiaoZhou Village(2) The Ideal Place For Artists

XiaoZhou Village has been regarded as an ideal place for reclusion. Many artists came here and stayed behind. But today, It’s a famous artist village now. More and more young people come here looking for their future.

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[ | 23 Nov 2009 | 31 Comments]
Xiaozhou Village(1)The Last Water Village Of Guangzhou

Last weekend, I went to XiaoZhou Village(小洲村), The last water village of Guangzhou. It’s the second time I visited there. Last time was 8 years ago. XiaoZhou Village changed a lot these years. The former national ecological village is disappearing!

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[ | 1 Oct 2009 | 6 Comments]
Three Most Beautiful Villages Of North-West China

If you have chance to visit XinJiang,China, Don’t miss three Tuwa Villages at Kanas Lake in Buerjin County, Aletai Region. There are doubtless the most beautiful villages of North-West China. Kanas Lake and Tuwa people integrating with each other form the unique charm that you can’t miss.

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[ | 23 Sep 2009 | 26 Comments]
Looking For Top 10 Most Beautiful Autumn In China

Autumn is the most colorful season. It’s also the best season for traveling. We will enjoy a 8-days National Day holiday this year, So why not enjoy colorful time at one of Top 10 most beautiful Autumn sceneries these days?

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[ | 17 Sep 2009 | 10 Comments]
Small Fruit Market On Water

Guangzhou(广州) is a typical modern city. Fortunately, There are still many country scenes you can find at suburb.
Nansha(南沙), which locates at the south of Guangzhou, is one of such places to meet old things like small fruit market on water.

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[ | 17 Aug 2009 | 15 Comments]
Hello, NanXiang XiaoLongBao

They always say the best soup bun(汤包) is NanXiang XiaoLongbao(南翔小笼包). I have enjoyed many kinds of NanXiang Xiaolongbao in different places, But this time, I finally got a chance to visit the most famous soup bun store, Nanxiang Bun Shop (Nanxiang Mantou Dian) in Shanghai.

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[ | 11 Aug 2009 | 19 Comments]
XiaoGuanYuan:Vanishing ChengDu Memory

XiaoGuanYuan(小观园) was an old small garden hotel located in Kuan XiangZi (Kuan Alley 宽巷子),ChengDu,Sichuan. I had lived there for some days some years ago. It’s one of my typical memories of old Chengdu. But, You can never see it again, Yeah, it was dismantled too!

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[ | 4 Aug 2009 | 14 Comments]
It’s Season To Enjoy Water Lily At Old Summer Place

Summer is the season of Water Lily and Lotus. They are both my favorite flowers. Because I don’t have a good camera, It’s so hard to take good photos for Lotus. But Water lilies are different, they can be so close to me ! So let’s go to the Old Summer Place(圆明园) to see them.

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[ | 19 Jul 2009 | 10 Comments]
Eshan Impression(1) Little Bamboo Forest

Eshan(峨山) is located in Yuxi, Yunnan, China. Most of residents of the country belong to Yi ethnic minority group(彝族). Eshan Yi people’s flower-drum-dance(峨山花鼓舞) is very famous. So you can learn their special culture there, Of course, including Bamboo Culture of Yi Ethnic.