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[ | 25 Apr 2010 | 23 Comments]
Sichuan Opera Face-Changing Show Guide

Face-Changing(BianLian 变脸 in Chineses) is a kind of magic tradinational Chinese dramatic art that is know as the pride of Sichuan opera. It’s still a big secret how can they do that, But fortunately, We can enjoy Face-changing show easily in Chengdu.

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[ | 7 Oct 2008 | 17 Comments]
Top 10 Free Entrance London Museums

There are over 240 museums in London. Many of them are the best of the world and offer free entrance. Oh, I envy those people live in london!

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[ | 5 Oct 2008 | 13 Comments]
How Can I Contact The Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee footprint is setting near the Westminster Abbey.
A monument on the ground is a great idea. She is always so close with her people.

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[ | 22 Aug 2008 | 25 Comments]

I always think travel by train (Rail Europe) was the best way to know Europe, But travel via low cost airlines or some other discount airlines among the cities Europe can be much cheap (Sometimes can be as low as 0.01 Euros during the promotion days).
Oh, yeah, Cheap flying is a good solution! But how?

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[ | 13 Aug 2008 | 4 Comments]

Google not only updated their satellite imagery of Beijing, added detailed bilingual maps of China, but also created a collection of 3D stadiums. It has really done a good deed for all people want a inside travel to BeiJing and 2008 Summer Olympic Games.
Recently, Google offered this 2008 Beijing Olympics Google Map. Okay, Let’s see how it works:

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[ | 31 Jul 2008 | 15 Comments]

We are so tire of those uncomfortable hours in the plane,lack of leg room, the war over the armrest or big noise of children… Yeah, I am not a first class passenger, But I want a comfortable journey on the plane.
How can I get a best tourist class seat? Here is the tips !

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[ | 8 Jul 2008 | No Comment]

This Sunday, Three new sites were added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, including a former slave hideout in Mauritius, the Nabataean archaeological site in Saudi Arabia, and China’s Fujian Tulou earthen houses.
So update to July 6, 2008, there are 854 sites in more than 140 countries in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list now.
Here is the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in China.

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[ | 12 May 2008 | One Comment]

Spend less and enjoy more is my gold rule of traveling. That’s the motivity I keep on seeking for more cool and smart travel ideas.
Here is some wonderful tips help you enjoy more excellent service with cheaper price when you’re traveling in Europe. And I will update them frequently.

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[ | 13 Apr 2008 | 32 Comments]

Tips is always a big problem to a person like me who don’t have any idea about it. Last time in Las Vegas, When I want a taxi at the gate of StratoSphere to MGM hotel, I suddenly found I forgot take any loose changes for bellboy, So I had to walk far away to find a taxi.
I always don’t know the correct number of tipping I should give too. When I gave the bellboy 5 Euro because he helped me found a room in the old city …

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[ | 10 Apr 2008 | 4 Comments]

With four airlines ceasing operations since January of this year and three of those occurring within the past 7 days, AAA offers advice for airline travelers.

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[ | 2 Apr 2008 | One Comment]

The United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), And Go Ahead,A Company focus on cultural discovery guided tours,suggest these tips to help save money and maximize travel budgets:

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[ | 1 Apr 2008 | No Comment]

Here’s how to make your wireless connections secure when you’re on the road.
As we snap out of the winter doldrums and begin to travel more, it’s time to think carefully about what happens when we’re on the road. To make your wireless connections more secure when you travel, David Strom is going to share his top 10 tips and tricks.