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[ | 19 Nov 2009 | 14 Comments]
Cloudy Days At Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay locates at the west-north of Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia. As we know, Pangkor Laut Resort is one of the Best Beach Resorts on this world, Emerald Bay is also named as one of Top Ten Best white sandy Bays. Unfortunately, It’s cloudy when I visited Emerald Bay, I can’t catch beautiful photos as it should be. But I must say it’s so great to have such a place to relax.

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[ | 22 Feb 2008 | 7 Comments]
Who Eats The Most Chocolate?

Who Eats The Most Chocolate?
I see this interesting post at the shop of Beryl’s Chocolate Kingdom.

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[ | 21 Feb 2008 | 4 Comments]
Pangkor Laut Resort, An Island Hotel Back To The Nature

Pangkor Laut is a privately owned island which has 2 million years history.
I love the wooden buildings and green color there. I think it’s one of the best hotels in Malaysia too.

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[ | 20 Feb 2008 | No Comment]
Pangkor Laut Resort, One Reason I Miss Malaysia

Pangkor Laut Resort was one reason I miss Malaysia.
I still think it’s great to have a good sleep in such a room, even only one night.

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[ | 6 Dec 2007 | 2 Comments]
Royal Selangor’s Temptation

Royal Selangor’s artworks are quite expensive, But I still want own at least one of them.

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[ | 29 Nov 2007 | No Comment]
Royal Selangor’s Fingerprint

What’s the best reward you ever got from your company?
I think here is one of the best example.

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[ | 28 Nov 2007 | 4 Comments]
Different KFC Food At Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

All My Friends said the KFC food in picture looked different.
Yeah, I took this photo when I traveled to Kuala Lumpur last month. Maybe it’s Malaysia style KFC.