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[ | 19 Jul 2009 | 10 Comments]
Eshan Impression(1) Little Bamboo Forest

Eshan(峨山) is located in Yuxi, Yunnan, China. Most of residents of the country belong to Yi ethnic minority group(彝族). Eshan Yi people’s flower-drum-dance(峨山花鼓舞) is very famous. So you can learn their special culture there, Of course, including Bamboo Culture of Yi Ethnic.

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[ | 28 Oct 2008 | 17 Comments]
The Secrets Of JinMa BiJi Archways

JinMa(Golden Horse) BiJi(Jade Cock) Archways are two most famous archways in KunMing, YunNan. But no one knew where their name came from, and we might never know the secret of the miracle which had happened every 60 years.

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[ | 27 Oct 2008 | 30 Comments]
Spring City’s Flowers and Birds Market Guide

Kunming is also called Spring City because of its year-round mild climate. It’s the heaven of the flowers and birds. So the Flowers And Birds Market is one of the most attractive shopping markets of the Spring City.

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[ | 25 Oct 2008 | 16 Comments]
A Bar About The Legend Of The Flying Tigers & Hump Air Route

The legend of the Flying Tigers & Hump Air Route is well know in China, Especially in KunMing, YunNan, Where the story has happened.
If you visit KunMing, Don’t miss this Bar named after the most dangerous air route during the World War II.

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[ | 11 Mar 2008 | 15 Comments]
YunNan Haba Snow Mountain Travel Guide

When I arrived the base camp of Haba Snow Mountain at 4200 meters over sea leavel, My guider asked if I want see a kind of snow fishs live in alpine moraine lake. But I was almost out of breath then.
I knew I should prepare more before I started out.

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[ | 10 Mar 2008 | 2 Comments]
Impression of Haba Village

Haba Snow Mountain was the first snow mountain I visited.
Never forgot that small Hui minority village of Haba, at the foothills of Haba Snow Mountain, which gave me first sight of Shangri-La.

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[ | 6 Mar 2008 | 25 Comments]
A Souvenir About Tea-horse Ancient Road

It’s a gift from my friend.
A brick tea with special packaging, All post marks of the Tea-horse Ancient Road.
“But the tea inside is not good one, it’s just a souvenir, you know.” my friend said.