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[ | 26 Mar 2011 | 13 Comments]
Visited A Primary School In GuangDong

Guangdong always contributes much for GDP of China. But some places there are still poor. I visited a primary school in a town named Xuwen(徐闻) , It’s a part of our Public Welfare Project. I love children and teachers there, though I can’t understand their local language.

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[ | 30 Nov 2009 | 19 Comments]
XiaoZhou Village(3) The Taoist Temple Blesses The Village

There are two Taoist Temples in Xiaozhou Village(小洲村). One named TianHou Temple(天后宫) and the other named YuXu temple(玉虚宫). Since Tanka people(蜑家) depended on the fishery, The Northern Emperor and the Queen of Heaven which regard as the Protectors of Seafarers, are worshipped reverently. Joss sticks and candles are burning all the time. Let’s visit YuXu temple first.

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[ | 27 Nov 2009 | 2 Comments]
XiaoZhou Village(2) The Ideal Place For Artists

XiaoZhou Village has been regarded as an ideal place for reclusion. Many artists came here and stayed behind. But today, It’s a famous artist village now. More and more young people come here looking for their future.

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[ | 23 Nov 2009 | 31 Comments]
Xiaozhou Village(1)The Last Water Village Of Guangzhou

Last weekend, I went to XiaoZhou Village(小洲村), The last water village of Guangzhou. It’s the second time I visited there. Last time was 8 years ago. XiaoZhou Village changed a lot these years. The former national ecological village is disappearing!

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[ | 17 Sep 2009 | 10 Comments]
Small Fruit Market On Water

Guangzhou(广州) is a typical modern city. Fortunately, There are still many country scenes you can find at suburb.
Nansha(南沙), which locates at the south of Guangzhou, is one of such places to meet old things like small fruit market on water.

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[ | 17 Jun 2009 | 12 Comments]
DongHuaLi, An Alley You Can See Typical GuangDong Roofs

DongHuaLi is a special old alley in FoShan, GuangDong(广东佛山).   You can see some typical Guangdong style “Guo’er”(锅耳)roof  there, Which seldom can see in Guangdong now.

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[ | 15 May 2009 | 28 Comments]
Requiem For WenChuan Earthquake Anniversary

I was invited to attend the Charity Concert for Wenchuan Earthquake Anniversary the day before last. It’s a Symphony Orchestra Concert performed Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem. The concert successfully raised 730 thousands RenMinBi for Earthquake disaster area.

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[ | 21 Jan 2009 | 36 Comments]
Miss GuangZhou’s New Spring Festival Flower Market

Chinese tradition is somewhat complex. Several food exhibitions will open to celebrate the new spring Festival in Chengdu. Yeah, People here love tea and noshs more than flowers.
ChengDu is a city very different from GuangZhou. I love Chengdu, But I miss Guangzhou’s Spring Festival Flower Market too! There are some pictures I took last year, You can see how people enjoy flower market at GuangZhou.

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[ | 26 Dec 2008 | 19 Comments]
Relax At GuangDong Country Restaurant

We work and live in skyscrapers, eat fast food, meet friends online. Are we too urban?
Maybe we need a real relaxation, even just two hours.
So, let’s go to countryside and enjoy the real country food.

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[ | 1 Oct 2008 | 10 Comments]
Dengcun: The Only Village You Can See the Oldest Way Of Paper-Making

Starting from the Ming dynasty, the village of Dengcun (邓村 in Chinese) is famous for its Sihui Paper (会纸 in Chinese), a kind of bamboo paper manufactured With the traditional approach developed by Cai Lun (蔡伦), the inventor of paper-making in early A.D.105. It is the only village in this world you can still see this 2000-year-old paper-making process.
Want a visit? Just follow me.

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[ | 24 Jul 2008 | 32 Comments]
Drinking GuangDong Morning Tea With Me, If You Come To Guangzhou

Actually, GuangDong morning tea is an important part of my weekend life.
It’s typical lifestyle of GuangDong, whatever old days or modern time. It not only brings delicious Dim Sum, But also relaxs your press.

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[ | 7 Feb 2008 | 4 Comments]
Magic Purple, Magic New Year

Today is the first day of 2008 in Chinese’s traditional year. We celebrate Spring Festival together with whole family.