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[ | 14 Sep 2009 | 8 Comments]
Lazy At Balmoral Beach

My friend Mac introduced Watermark restaurant to me when I visited Sydney. It’s a restaurant locates at Balmoral Beach, offers wonderful scenery and authentic yummies. That’s also a good place you can enjoy the lazy life of Australia.

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[ | 7 Sep 2009 | 12 Comments]
Sydney, The Best Place On Earth To Eat?

Sydney is a very ideal city for all kinds of gastronomists with so aboundant fresh food. It was nominated as The Best Place On Earth To Eat many times by many kinds of medias and gastronomists. Yeah, I think so.

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[ | 1 Sep 2009 | 18 Comments]
Waiting For The Dark At Manly Beach

I never got up early in the morning to see the sunrise over sea, But I loved to stay at the Many Beach from duck to evening those days in Sydney, just waiting for the moon and stars watching over me.

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[ | 21 Aug 2009 | 15 Comments]
Walking Tour From North Sydney To Neutral Bay

From the roof of the hotel I lived in North Sydney, I could see the full view of  Neutral Bay, A beautiful Bay with many white yachts and sailboats.  It looked not faraway from my hotel, So I decided to have a walk tour to there alone that morning.

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[ | 30 Sep 2008 | 8 Comments]
Enjoy Metro Monorail At Sydney

Opened in 1988, The Metro Monorail is an above ground rail systems that run through the center of Sydney. It’s a gift to Sydney for the celebration of Australia’s Bicentennial. This kind of system is seldom to see in this world, So it become one of Sydney’s icons.

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[ | 26 Sep 2008 | 10 Comments]
Darling Harbour, Where You Can Expect Everything

Darling Harbour is one of the most popular highlights of Sydney. I believe everyone would loves there for more than one reason, Even my dear friend Candy’s 80 years old granny, she was so happy to play shadowboxing with some old people there.
Yeah, It’s a place you can expect everything, and every feeling.

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[ | 23 Sep 2008 | 5 Comments]
I Love Sydney Fish Market

Sometimes I would ask myself why I love Sydney Fish Market (SFM) so much.
The freshest seafood? The atmosphere of enjoy yummy? The typic feeling of Sydney’s lifestyle?…Of course all of them.

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[ | 22 Sep 2008 | 7 Comments]
Four Treasures You Can’t Miss At Queen Victoria Building

There are many things you can do at Queen Victoria Building, But don’t miss these four peculiar treasures on the upper floors.

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[ | 21 Sep 2008 | 15 Comments]
Queen Victoria Building, The Most Beautiful Shopping Center In The World

The Queen Victoria Building (QVB) is a Victorian style, Romanesque Revival architecture building in the CBD of Sydney, It has been described by Pierre Cardin as “the most beautiful shopping centre in the world”.
I don’t like shopping, But I think it’s worth to have a look around!

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[ | 19 Sep 2008 | 78 Comments]
20 Things You Should Know About Sydney Harbour Bridge

Approximately 250,000 people attended the celebration of Sydney Harbour Bridge’s 75th birthday last year. Why people love this bridge so much?
Here is 20 things you should know about Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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[ | 18 Sep 2008 | 7 Comments]
Walk Across Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia’s most well known landmarks. The valiants all over the world would be proud of climbing this world’s largest steel arch bridge.
But I was not brave enough. So my choice was across it by car, by train and by foot.

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[ | 12 Sep 2008 | 18 Comments]
Who Own The Best View Of Sydney?

These giraffes are the tallest animal of Taronga Zoo.
They must never feel sorry about leaving their grassland, Because they can easily enjoy the best view of Sydney now.