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[ | 21 Mar 2009 | 23 Comments]
Praying For Steve Jobs(2): The Sceond Time I Met Steve Jobs

That was 07 Jan, 2004. The second time I went to San francisco to attend the 20th Macworld. That’s the second time I met Steve Jobs.
He looked much older than two years before, He just underwent a big surgery to remove an islet cell tumor from his pancreas several months ago.

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[ | 15 Mar 2009 | 35 Comments]
Praying For Steve Jobs(1): The First Time I Met Steve Jobs

Apple announced a new iPod shuffle last Wednesday. It’s the first product which wasn’t introduced by Steve Jobs since his return to Apple 12 years ago.
Steve Jobs had to leave Apple because his bad health condition this January. We were told that he will be back on the job at the end of June. Even though I heard too much bad news about his health these days, I still pray for him. I hope it will be Steve Jobs who introduce Apple iPhone Nano to us in June!

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[ | 5 Mar 2008 | One Comment]
San Francisco Cable Car Guide

Cable Car is the unique moving historic landmarks of San Francisco.
I hope information here can help you have a better experince about it.

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[ | 4 Mar 2008 | 2 Comments]
Know San Francisco Begin With Cable Car

I know San Francisco cable car from old films of America.
So when I finished my business work that sunny afternoon, I got on a Cable Car passing by, began my experience of finding its attractions.

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[ | 3 Mar 2008 | 27 Comments]
Why Not A Trip To Apple Campus?

Everybody has a special thing in heart.
For me, It’s Apple.
So, Why not a trip to Apple’s headquarters?

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[ | 5 Jul 2007 | 3 Comments]
7 Hours Hard Time At Narita Airport

I didn’t know why they choiced this kind of flying for my America tour.
This time, On my way to San Francisco, I had to stay at Narita Airport for 7 hours.