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[ | 2 Jun 2009 | 33 Comments]
If Dachshund Leo Know That Bad News

It’s a normal day today.
But there was a not normal news about dog killing: 20000 dogs were killed to for rabies prevention within few days in HanZhong, ShanXi, China. Such things happened several times before. There are so many good ways to settle this problem, But why they have to do this? Are they real human?

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[ | 24 Jan 2009 | 59 Comments]
Leo’s New Year Wishes

According to Chinese Tradition, All parents will prepare new clothes for their children before the Chinese New Year’s Eve. So I prepared a typical Chinese style new colthes for my doggie Leo, and took these photos before I left home.
Yeah, Leo loves New Spring Festival, He can have new clothes and new toys. So he hope you have a happy happy new year too!

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[ | 8 Jan 2009 | 21 Comments]
Does Your Doggie Envy Too?

Dachshund Leo lives with me for one and half a year now. I believe he feels very happy in most of time. Because he know I love him so much.
But I was astonished to find that he also easy to envy another doggies I like.

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[ | 24 Nov 2008 | 28 Comments]
Hand-Made Clothes For Dachshund Leo

My internet was down yesterday, So I had nothing to do suddenly.
Why not made some clothes for my doggie Leo?

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[ | 29 Oct 2008 | 28 Comments]
Dachshund Leo and Rescue Dog Barry

Since I posted “Dachshund Leo vs Doll“, Many friends thought Leo should has his own doll. Okay, I have to agree with you, though I think Leo already has enough toys specially made for doggies.
But my choice is not a doll, But a hero Saint Bernard rescue dog named Barry.

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[ | 23 Oct 2008 | 36 Comments]
Dachshund Leo’s One Minute

These photos were taken at 1:01-1:02 am last morning.
After I refused to play with him, Leo feel a little sad, But he fell asleep in no time.
What a good boy!

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[ | 20 Oct 2008 | 14 Comments]
Dachshund Leo vs Doll

I bought a new doll for my friend’s daughter Louisa, But Leo thought that’s his doll.

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[ | 28 Sep 2008 | 20 Comments]
Dachshund Leo Love His New Gift

The Autumn was finally coming.
New season means new gift. Dachshund Leo seems satisfied with his new blanket.

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[ | 24 Aug 2008 | 28 Comments]
What’s Your Doggie’s Favorite Fruit?

What fruit does your doggie eat?
Actually, I don’t know what kind of fruit my Dachshund Leo doesn’t like.
Every time Leo see some fruit, His eyes become so bright…

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[ | 19 Aug 2008 | 17 Comments]
Why They Chioce Dachshund Waldi As The First Mascot Of Olympic Games?

I don’t know why Leo always feels so cool to himself. Maybe he knew he had a great kindred named “Waldi”, Who was the first officially-named Olympic mascot.

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[ | 10 Aug 2008 | 16 Comments]
It’s Olympic Time, Leo Need Morning Exercise

It’s Olympic Time. There are so few people play outside this weekend. Maybe they are all busy watching Olympic TV program in home.
This playground belongs to my dachshund Leo now. Okay, 1,2,3, Let’s do morning exercise!

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[ | 1 Feb 2008 | One Comment]
When Dachshund Leo Do Something Wrong

Leo was so exciting about his new toy and forgot the right place for his pee.