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[ | 19 Oct 2008 | 20 Comments]
It’s Season Of Yangcheng Lake Mitten Crab

September and October in the traditional Chinese calendar are the harvest times for Chinese Mitten Crabs(大闸蟹). That also called the crab season in China.
My brother-in-law specially drove faraway to Yangcheng Lake(阳澄湖), the most famous area for the Chinese mitten crabs, And brought us a lot of fresh plump Chinese Mitten Crabs.
Yes, They are considered as the best yummies of the Southern Yangtze River.

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[ | 29 Jul 2008 | 32 Comments]
Is It The Best Indian Food In BeiJing?

They told me if I wanted try some Indian Food in BeiJing, Ganges Indian Restaurant was the best choice. So I went there.

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[ | 28 Nov 2007 | 4 Comments]
Korea Food Looks So Colourful

Korea is not a resourceful country. So People treasure all kinds of foods. When you went to a Korea restaurant, You will find every normal food becomes so beautiful.
That’s the reason I love Korea Food.

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[ | 15 Nov 2007 | 3 Comments]
The Best Western Food In Lhasa

I don’t know the right English name of this Western Food Bar, It’s means Storm Troops Camp in Chinese. The boss, Nima RenCi is very famous people. He had reached the peak of Everest, And he has a famous local mountaineering School.