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Beijing Food Guide:The Kro’s Nest

26 June 2010 8 Comments

The Kro’s Nest is the name of a Western-style restaurant. But it’s also a very special place you should visit, Of course, with many of your friends.:P

These cute cartoon corbies were all colored and captioned by visitors.

Lovely crayons, Bring you back to childhood?

Such a big salad! I love its color!

Oh, it’s not a good idea to eat too much fries, But I have to say they taste great!

Oh, the pizza is really big!

hand tossed, grossly humongous, meat, veggie, fungus, Such a great pizza!

It’s hard to find a good place to post our doodles.

Yeah, It’s really a good place to visit with friends!

The Kro’s Nest has a very special Chinese name: 乌巢, It means the corbie’s nest. It’s strange because according to , corbie means unlucky.

But when you get in The Kro’s Nest and see all those cute cartoon corbies on the wall, You can’t help fell in love with them immediately.

The Kro’s Nest people call themselves The Real Shit In , Because They looks not like a business guys, Oh, Yeah, They care about making great pizza…grossly humongous, yum, colorful pizza you can’t refuse.

When you are waiting for the pizza, you can play doodle for fun. There are many pages of cartoon corbies and crayons on your table, You can do anything you want with them. And post them on the wall if you like.

Feel funny? It’s more funny if you know that Doodle means in Chinese. :)

Oh, I think it’s a good place to visit with friends. But you’s better invite enough people to share the superior yummy!

The Kro’s Nest Guide:

GongTi Flagship Restaurant:
Address: Gongti North Gate, VICS club South, Chaoyang,Beijing
Tel: 010-65535253
Open Hours: Mons – Thurs 11:30 am-10:00 pm, Fri – Sun 11:30 am-11:00 pm

BeiDa Restaurant:
Address: #1 Fu Yuan Men, YiHeYuanLu, Haidian,Beijing
Tel: 010-62528057
Open Hours: Mons – Thurs 11:30 am-10:00 pm, Fri – Sun 11:30 am-11:00 pm

BeiTai Restaurant:
Address: BeiTaiPingZhuang Qiao, #2 YouYanDaSha Building B,Beijing
Tel: 010-82014899/620234790
Open Hours: Mons – Thurs 11:30 am-10:00 pm, Fri – Sun 11:30 am-11:00 pm

Website: The Kro’s Nest

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  • iWalk said:

    It looks so interesting! Added into my Beijing List! Good Job!


    Tiny reply on November 12th, 2010 1:35 pm:

    Welcome, It’s the best time now!
    Tiny´s last [type] ..Golden Autumn- Peking University


  • husgrund said:

    Amazing. Spent some time in beijing a few years ago. Guess a lot has happened since then? What has been the most interesting change do you think. Olympics made a lot of difference I guess


    Tiny reply on November 12th, 2010 1:49 pm:

    Thanks my friend, I think Olympics brought a lots of chances, But maybe Beijing have developed too fast these years, We now meet more problem than ever, such as traffic jam, High housing price, etc. It’s not easy to live and work in Beijing now.
    Tiny´s last [type] ..Golden Autumn- Peking University


  • mizie said:

    nice food and will consider to put in my list when i going to beijing


    Tiny reply on November 12th, 2010 1:51 pm:

    Thanks mizie, welcome, I can be a good travel guider I think. :P
    Tiny´s last [type] ..Golden Autumn- Peking University


  • Natalie Imbruglia said:

    : ), several weeks were a few. Well perfectly. I need something like this one of my school projects, lucky mine has a similar topic as this post. Glad, happy trails.


  • Sifali Bitkiler said:

    Hello friends did you had news documents ? I appreciate letter evolve for me … ..


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