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How Should I Tip?——My Tips For Your Travel Tipping

13 April 2008 32 Comments

Tips is always a big problem to a person like me who don’t have any idea about it. Last time in Las Vegas, When I want a taxi at the gate of StratoSphere to MGM hotel, I suddenly found I forgot take any loose changes for bellboy, So I had to walk far away to find a taxi.

I always don’t know the correct number of tipping I should give too. When I gave the bellboy 5 Euro because he helped me found a room in the old city of Avignon during midseason, My travel mate was angry and thought that was too much.

Yes, Leave too little is not polite for the service you get. But too much, maybe you can’t offer, or just be treat as a sucker by locals. So I think it’s necessary to learn some tips about how to pay your tavel tipping.

Here is the materials I arrange from internet, And added some of my won experience.

Tipping in USA

Tipping is serious business in the States. Many service staff rely on tips to supplement their tiny base income(much less than the minimum federal wage). So, tip to who perform the good service generously.

You should leave a 10-15% tip in diners, restaurants and cafes, and if service is really good then raise to 20%. In bars, You can also give a dollar per drink to bartender. But if no service is provided by waiters or everything is self-serve, There is no need to tip.

You should tip a taxi driver an extra 1o% of your taxi fare, if the taxi driver help you load and upload bags, you should tip them 1$ or 2$ per bag.

When you reach your hotel, You tip 1$ or 2$ per bag for the bellboy or door man who help you handles the bags. and tips 1$ or 2$ per day for your housekeeper.

Because most gas stations are self service, there is no tipping required at the gas station. Unless somebody halp you handle the luggage.

Tipping in Australia and New Zealand

Tipping is not widely expected in Oceania aera, and may even cause offence to some. However, tipping in restaurants is becoming popular, and a 10% tip for good service is norm.

Taxi drivers and hairdressers do not expect a tip.

Tipping in France

Service is included by law in France, But it is customary to round out your bill with some small change bars and restaurants, unless you’re dissatisfied. The amount varies — from €0.15 for a beer to €1.50 – €2.30 after a meal. In expensive restaurants, it’s common to leave an additional 5-10% of the bill on the table.

Taxi drivers,porters and hairdressers will always appreciate a couple of Euros for efficient service. It’s about 10% of the bill. Give theater and cinema ushers €0.25 to €0.50. In some theaters and hotels, cloakroom attendants may expect €0.75. Washroom attendants usually get €0.30, though the sum is often posted. However, watch for signs that say ‘Pourboire Interdit’, which means that tipping is forbidden.

If you stay more than two or three days in a hotel, it is customary to leave something for the chambermaid — about €1.50 per day. Expect to pay about €1.50 (€0.75 in a moderately priced hotel) to the person who carries your bags or who hails you a taxi. In hotels providing room service, give €0.75 to the waiter (this does not apply if breakfast is routinely served in your room). If the chambermaid does some pressing or laundering for you, give her €0.75 – €1.50 on top of the bill. If the concierge has been very helpful, it is customary to leave a tip of €8 – €16, depending on the type of hotel and the level of service.

Service station attendants get nothing for pumping gas or checking oil but €0.75 or €1.50 for checking tires. Train and airport porters get a fixed sum (€0.90 – €1.50) per bag. Museum guides should get €1.50 – €3 after a guided tour. It is standard practice to tip bus drivers about €1.50 after an excursion.

Tipping in Germany

A service charge of 15% is included in the menu price in restaurants, bars, etc. all over Germany. (appearing on your bill as ‘bedienung’), it is the norm to tip up to an extra 3-5% of the bill, especially in upmarket restaurants.

One word of advice. Never say ‘danke’ unless you are really appreciative of your meal, because more often than not, this will be interpreted by the staff as a signal to keep the change.

In addition, hand your tips to the staff when paying the bill instead of placing it on the table as you leave. A customary practice in the UK to save awkwardness perhaps, but this will cause offence in Germany.

And here is a typical way pay the tipping: the waitress always comes to you and tells you your total. You then tell him/her how much you will pay, for example, the waitress might say “€6.40;” you hand him/her a €10 note and say “8 Euros.” She then will give you €2 in change, And she get 1.6 as tipping.

In taxis, add a Euro or two to the total to keep the cabbie smiling.

Tipping in Spain

Tipping is not common in Spain. Service charges are included in the food prices on the menu in Spain, and tipping is a matter of personal choice. You needn’t leave a tip just for a drink in Spain. Nor tip at the cheap restaurants.

But it’s different to a mid-price or expensive restaurant, Most people leave some small change if they’re satisfied and 5% is usually plenty.

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  • Affordable Disney Vacation Packages said:

    I must say you hit the nail on its head. I think that there is nothing t hat bothers me this much as how much should I tip a person.

    I dont want to give more nor do I want to give less.

    Now with your “tips” I think I can make it a point to do it the right way.


    iWalk reply on September 17th, 2008 1:16 pm:

    Oh, I understand. we are live in different tip culture.
    You American are welcomed everywhere because you always tip so much. :)


  • Planet-38.com: In Passing » How Much Should I Tip?——My Tips For Your Travel Tipping said:

    [...] idea about it. So I think it’s necessary to learn some tips about how to pay your tavel tipping.read more | digg [...]

  • foxnomad said:

    Thanks for the detailed list. To add, the BBC recently ran a story with a further global breakdown, which I posted about several months ago.

    Thought this might be of interest to you and your readers:


    Found you via Digg, glad to find more travel bloggers!


  • Haifa Hotels said:

    Wow this is something that I have never seen before. I mean no one really put posts like these!

    Thanks a zillion for it though. I mean it for many reasons, this is good information, this is something that can be used to start a conversation (With your permission)


    iWalk reply on September 20th, 2008 12:07 am:

    My friend, You are from Israel!
    That’s my dream travel destination!
    I know little about Haifa, But I love the pictures on you site. I think I can learn more about Israel from you!


  • Croatia Travel said:

    There are lists like these!!??!!

    You did not mention India! I wanted to see that. But wow this list is amazing anyways, need to print this out, wait am I allowed to do that?


    iWalk reply on September 24th, 2008 4:37 pm:

    Oh, I feel very sorry I know little about India travel. But I am also think it’s a great place that worth to visit. :)

    Yeah, Of course you can print if you need. It’s written for all travelers. :)


  • London Flats said:

    I think that tipping is an art. Not all people know it.

    I think this is something that should be learned with panache….

    Never tip a drunken waiter, never tip a waiter that spills food on you.

    Forget my tips! This post is great, I didnt all these things had to be done!


  • Tiny said:

    Could you tell me how about tips in Japan? Maybe I will visit there next month.


    iWalk reply on September 26th, 2008 9:23 am:

    Dear Tiny, You needn’t tip at Japan. :)


  • Rakeback said:

    Thank you for your information.

    I will tell my friends about this. It must have taken you a long time to make this post.

    I wish I could write something like this.


    iWalk reply on September 30th, 2008 8:04 am:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Rakeback.
    Yeah, It takes time. But I have to know all this information because I am a travel writer too. And I am glad to share with all travelers. :)


  • Tampa Real Estate Agents said:

    I didnt know that there was no real need to tip in Spain. That information was new to me. I’m a secret closet writer too so these are things that I can add my novel too.


    iWalk reply on September 30th, 2008 7:59 am:

    Oh, Yeah, I even not see somebody tiped at the famous 4Cats, Barcelona. I think it should be a mid-price restaurant. (Of course, I know many US travelers would tip for their good service.)


  • Bermuda Vacation said:

    A vacation is not just sitting at home in front of the tv like a couch potato. you gotta go out and see it all be it hawii watsahoi or japan you go out there to not just watch it on the discovery channel experience it. So go out, take it slow and let the good times roll.


    iWalk reply on October 22nd, 2008 11:16 pm:

    Yeah, Slow Travel is the best style of travel.


  • Car Hire Berlin said:

    Is it necessary to tip if the service was not that great or bad?

    What do you think, I ask you because you have written so much in detail about it. Do you follow these tipping tips? :P


    iWalk reply on October 22nd, 2008 11:10 pm:

    Most of times I follow these tips. :)

    But last time I travel to Arles, Provence. The cicerone was not polite to me, And didn’t take me to the place she offered, So I didn’t give she any tips. I will never offer the tips to such bad service.


  • Croatia apartments said:

    This is very helpful for me because I like to be informed about costumes of country that I’m going to visit, so I wouldn’t offend anyone.


    iWalk reply on October 22nd, 2008 11:20 pm:

    Yeah, It’s better to know earlier, than learn it after making mistakes.


  • Government Money Grant said:

    Tips shouldn’t be encouraged because these days everything is included in service tax. Therefore there is no point in giving tips again.


    Martina reply on February 18th, 2010 9:21 pm:

    i agree with you


  • New Music Release said:

    I love giving tips, makes me feel that I’m doing something good. It’s amazing how cultures differ, thank for the information!


  • Dubrovnik said:

    Is it true that in restaurants in Italy stuff doesn’t get payed on monthly basis and there is no regular salary ??

    Ive heard that they get payed only in tips and tips are included in price.

    Im traveling to Venice in couple of days and it would be nice to know.

    Thank you all !


  • New Jersey Home Inspection said:

    So many things to keep in mind while you travel… Just gets to you sometimes…


  • Croatia Holidays said:

    It is really useful to know how much should you leave as a tip. I am usually at least a bit embarrassed when I give a tip, and also when I don’t, so it is really convenient to have this sort of information.


  • Kroatien Urlaub said:

    Thanks for the information, good to know ….


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